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Where local knowledge and real estate expertise meet

What type of property are you looking for? Sweetwater Ranch Properties can help you find it. The team members’ unique backgrounds and many years of work in the field make us well-suited to help you accomplish your ranch acquisition goals. Sweetwater Ranches was launched in early 2013 by three ranch, fishing, and conservation professionals with the goal of providing a unique, high-touch service to ranch buyers of ecologically important, wildlife significant ranch properties. Dan Vermillion, Bob Kiesling, and Ben Pierce founded the company, building on their many years of ranch ownership, business ownership, and conservation leadership. More recently, Robert Keith joined the team. His experience as a principal investor in ranch properties and in large restoration project management allows Sweetwater Ranches to cover all areas when it comes to finding the perfect property for you. To date, the team at Sweetwater Ranches has been involved in real estate transactions of more than 600,000 acres valued at more than $600 million over the course of their careers.

Our primary goal: To match discriminating ranch buyers with the best possible properties at the best possible values in the Northern Rockies and Plains.

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We do not focus on taking listings and trying to sell our own inventory. Instead, we use our broad and deep knowledge of conservation, habitat restoration, fishing, and investing to pair you with the most appropriate ranch investment. We cooperate with all brokers and landowners in all markets. We specialize in turning up unique opportunities that may not have come to the market’s attention yet thanks to our relationships with land and wildlife management agencies and a large network of non-profit conservation organizations. We are also able to provide enhanced information on conservation, fishing, hunting, agriculture, and other analyses of listed properties. We look forward to working with you to locate and purchase the property that meets your financial and personal goals for ranch or property ownership.