Satisfied Clients

Sweetwater Ranches helped us find the right ranch at the right price and then negotiated an excellent purchase arrangement. They have helped us with ongoing conservation and financial management since closing. I would recommend this outfit to any buyer looking for personal attention and the best in buyer representation. Sweetwater is unique in that regard
Todd Graham, President, Ranch Advisory Partners and Director, Legacy Ranches Capital

Ben knows how to find good opportunities and at a good value in the ranchlands space. In addition, he has helped our family enhance financial and ecological values significantly.
Hamilton “Tony” James, President and CEO, Blackstone

Sweetwater found us our dream property. They negotiated the purchase, found people to enhance the ranch, and I am thrilled with the investment and its return potential. I have confidence in the team and their ability to deliver what they say they will.
William Muggia, President and CEO, Westfield Capital Management

Ben started helping our family invest in Montana ranchlands in the mid-80s, and we have enjoyed annualized double digit returns for over 25 years now. This is because he found undervalued properties, bought them right, and has helped add value to them ever since. Sweetwater Ranches helped us add another 8,000 acres in 2015. Great team.
John Pierce, Retired Managing Partner, H.M. Payson and Company.