Dan Vermillion

Dan Vermillion was raised on the banks of Yellowstone River in Montana. After spending years guiding some of the world’s most exotic and famed fisheries, Dan formed Sweetwater Travel with his brothers, Jeff and Pat Vermillion. Sweetwater Travel is based in Livingston Montana and owns and operates fishing camps in Alaska, the Bahamas, Brazil, British Columbia, Montana, and Mongolia. Sweetwater’s camps have established the standard for high level of service in remote, wilderness settings.

Dan has lived in Montana most of his life and has spent his free time hunting and fishing the west. Whether searching for a ranch with ample aquatic resources, a ranch with high quality hunting, or a ranch that offers high quality recreational values near Montana’s urban centers, Dan and his partners at Sweetwater Ranches can use their local knowledge and their real estate expertise to help you find a ranch whose economic and recreational values withstand the test of time.

Dan has served on Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission since 2007. He is presently the Chairman of the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission. As a commissioner, Dan has developed an in-depth knowledge of Montana’s fish and wildlife resources as well as the licensing requirements which govern a non-resident’s ability to hunt and fish on their property. This regulatory expertise is critical for the recreational buyer seeking to hunt and fish on their new property.

Along with his law degree and legal experience which included drafting of conservation easements and complex transactional documents, Dan’s combination of skills allows him to provide quality advice to buyers searching for the perfect combination of quality recreational resources, long-term sustainability of recreational resources, and opportunity for appreciation in value of real estate.

At Sweetwater Ranches, all three partners work together to represent Buyers. Please feel free to call one or all us with your questions. We look forward to helping you purchase a ranch that befits your legacy.


Dan can be reached at:
406-223-0066 (Cell)
406-333-7155 ext. 1 (Office)